What to Consider When Replacing Your AC Unit

Your comfort depends on a properly functioning AC unit. When it comes to an AC replacement Conroe TX residents depend on professional companies. There are a few things to consider when you decide to replace the AC unit.

Size of Unit

The tonnage of the AC unit should be a premium consideration. Often, HVAC systems are undersized for a home. This means that the system has to work harder to keep the home cooled. Consider the size of your home and ask for an HVAC technician to recommend the tonnage to you. A 2-ton unit may be ideal for a small home while a two-story home may require a 3 or even 3.5-ton unit.


The features in an air-conditioning system can vary considerably. Some may have UV lights to kill mold and mildew while others may have digital thermostats and Bluetooth components. Find out what makes one unit better than another. You should be getting recommendations from the AC company. Compare and contrast two or three units for your home so that you can make an informed decision.


The cost of a unit should also be factored in. Not only should you look at the total cost of the unit but also how an AC company will bill you for it. Many companies will finance the unit so that it’s not a lump sum payment on your part. Ask about the warranty, too. This way, you can be sure that the unit is going to last a long time, providing a better overall value.

When you know that your AC unit needs to be replaced, call out a professional. They can provide you with brand options and talk to you about what you need based on the size of your home. You can then look forward to an improved comfort level with a new AC system.

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