Starting Your Own Handyman Company

If you have always had a knack for handyman jobs and you enjoy doing them then why not start your own business instead of working for someone else? If there are not too many people in the area where you live that do this kind of work, then you would be able to build a list of clients without the need to do too much advertising!

Starting a handyman business does not have to be a costly venture, kitchen set, Tulsa cabinets, many items do not need too much money. You may already have enough tools in your possession to get started right away. However, if you do not, then you need to decide whether you should buy tools or rent them. If you are not careful, you could end up spending all of the money you have for your start-up on machines.

Take a close look over what you have on hand. Make sure that they are all in excellent working order. If you do not have any of your own tools then to open your handyman business, you might want to buy a few basic ones and then rent the more costly ones that you will not require as often. Another option is to borrow equipment and supplies from someone else you know who is in a similar line of work. This can help you to save money until your company gets off the ground.

Another expense you will need to launch your company is insurance. This is something you cannot afford to go without. You also must apply for a business license which can cost you anywhere from $30 to $50. Having business cards made up that you can distribute to potential customers is another essential element of becoming an entrepreneur in the handyman business. Your tickets do not have to be elaborate or expensive. You can have some made up for you at a stationery store. There are also computer programs that you can buy that will allow you to create your own business cards and then print them out. If you are computer savvy, then this is something you might want to do.

There are no cutting corners when it comes to equipment and supplies. You need tools to fix and repair things in the homes of your customers. If you have already had enough jobs in the past and have some prior experience then knowing what you need is more straightforward than it is for a person who is a complete novice to the trade. The more jobs you have before you actually start your own company the better position you will be in to know which tools are an absolute necessity from the start and which ones you can wait on until a later date.

Every person who works in the handy trade will be glad to know that all of the supplies and tools he purchases can be claimed on taxes. To do this, you need to keep your proof of purchases for everything you buy for your business. Keep the receipts for all of your expenses in a box or container, so you will know where they all are once the time comes to do your taxes! Good record keeping is a must for all handymen. Find out from an accountant or financial advisor what exactly can be deducted and how best to track everything you buy.

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