How To Prepare Your Business for a Hard Winter

Damage from Ice Dams Can Cause Secondary Damage | Spectrum Building &  Restoration

There’s no doubt that winter is a magical time of year. Snow makes everything look beautiful especially at holiday time. Unfortunately it’s not without worry, especially if you’re a business owner. Before the snow falls this year, get busy and prepare your company for a hard winter.

Monitor Roof Snow

If your business operates out of a large, flat building, you’re probably all-too-familiar with the occasional leak during the winter months. When snow accumulates after several storms, the weight builds up and can crush a roof. Investing in technology that records the measurement of roof snow load alerts you when it’s time to be removed.

Have a Power Outage Plan

Power outages are common during the winter, but you never know exactly when they’ll happen or for how long. Now’s the time to get a generator in place in case of a major outage. Just because the power goes out …

No Kidding: Reasons Why Quartz Can Be the Family-Friendly Choice

Most Stain Resistant Countertop Material: No Fear of Spills! - HanStone  Quartz

When remodeling a kitchen or building a new home, as a homeowner you have many decisions to make when it comes to the central food preparation area. No choice is more important than that of your countertop, an installation that must last for years even under extreme conditions. Of the various stone surfaces available, one engineered stone, quartz, could prove the best choice for active families with energetic children. Here are the reasons quartz can carry its weight as a kid-friendly product.

Resistant to Stains and Spills

Quartz is non-porous, meaning stains will not get under the surface and leave permanently disfiguring marks. As a result, your youngsters and their friends need not worry about tipping over their drinks or splashing food when snacking. When stone fabricators Mequon installs these counters you know you have only to take a moment to clean up the messes.

Easy To Care For

That …

3 Tasks to Complete Before Starting a Business

The 6 Tasks Entrepreneurs Should Complete Before Starting a Business

Starting any business has its risks and rewards. Taking the time to do proper research about your area and business, can result in a much smoother and less stressful start. Below are three tasks you may want to take care of before you buy or rent that business location.

1. Create a Solid Business Plan

Your business foundation may rest on your business plan. Most business loans require a solid and professionally researched business plan before any loan will be approved. While you can complete the business plan on your own, you may feel more comfortable hiring someone who can help write up your business plan in the most effective way.

2. Product or Service Research

Taking the time to research the product or service you will be providing; may help you understand what the current economic situation for that product or service is. Not only will it be …