Never Underestimate The Influence Of Shades

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Panoramic windows are a coveted feature of highrise living. The views, natural light and the lack of a need for art to fill large blank spaces are just a few of the benefits. However, there are some downsides: prying eyes, difficulty in maintaining a consistent temperature and fading of upholstery and art due to constant exposure to the sun. The answer can be simple. You need automatic shades New York.


Unfortunately, there are people who, given the opportunity, can take on an unhealthy obsession with what goes on in your home. If there are other homes within the range of a telescope, having automatic window coverings can easily provide the privacy you need when you need it. Another safety factor that must be considered if there are children in the home is the risk of pull chains or cords on manual shades and blinds. Automatic shades eliminate the …