Simple Upkeep Tasks for the New Homeowner

As you go about your busy day-to-day routine, you probably have a running to do list of chores to keep your home interior clean, safe and beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s all too common that busy homeowners forget to extend this same care and attention to their house’s exterior. These simple seasonal tasks will help you stay on top of your home’s exterior upkeep to prevent longterm issues. 

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Inspect Gutters and Siding Twice a Year 

It’s no one’s favorite chore, but breaking out a ladder and cleaning your gutters each fall and spring will prevent any clogs and other seemingly small issues that can lead to larger problems down the road. This twice-yearly task is also a great opportunity to conduct a quick inspection for any cracks or leaks in your house’s siding. If you do notice any problems or things you have concerns about, it’s best to reach out to a local professional who can give an expert assessment on the situation. Catching and addressing small issues early can save you from significant expenses and headaches in the future, so don’t delay. If you notice a potential problem, look up a reliable service provider in your area. If you don’t know who to call, research local resources likeĀ exterior remodeling Denver CO.

Walk Perimeters and Check Foundations Annually 

Corners and edges are often the first places to show evidence of wear and tear. Taking the time to check on these rarely-seen areas once a year is an important step for keeping your home and property in good repair. Things to look out for are fenceposts showing signs of rot at ground level, evidence of utility leaks and holes that might make good hiding spots for uninvited animal visitors. Bring a good tool kit with you for these yearly walks so you can take care of any small issues right away. Procrastination is a powerful force, so there’s no time like the present to take action. 

Home ownership sometimes comes with an overwhelming list of new responsibilities. Keeping an eye on your home’s exterior is an important first step in proactive upkeep. 

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