How to Tell There’s Something Wrong with Your HVAC

Your HVAC system is a vital part of your Williamsburg home. It’s one you typically don’t spend much time thinking about though. If it breaks down, however, it’s all you can think about. In most cases, HVAC systems don’t just break down without warning. Certain signs can point toward an issue. Here’s how to tell there’s something wrong with your HVAC.

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You Hear Strange Noises

For the most part, your HVAC should be quiet. You might hear the fan turn on, but that’s about it. If you begin hearing thumping, clanging, or banging, you might have a loose screw, broken belt, or debris stuck in the unit. A whistling sound can point toward a leak in your ductwork. Any issues should be addressed by an hvac contractor williamsburg va.

The Air Feels Uncomfortable

Your HVAC does more than just keep your home at a comfortable temperature. It also functions to maintain optimal air quality. If you start to notice a decrease in the quality of your home’s air (such as itchy eyes, sneezing, or other allergy symptoms), you may have a dirty air filter. Air filters should be changed regularly, as dirty ones can compromise your HVAC system. If changing the filter doesn’t fix the problem, contact a professional.

Your Energy Bills are Up

Rising energy bills are one of the most obvious (and most frustrating) signs of a HAVC issue. In most cases, an issue with your HVAC causes your unit to work harder even if you haven’t changed your settings. You might have a dirty filter or there might be an issue with your thermostat. There may be a leak or other significant issue. Calling a professional can help you to get to the bottom of the issue and correct it.

If you notice any signs of an HVAC issue, it’s important to address it right away. Taking care of the problem as soon as you detect it can help to protect your unit and prevent more serious (and expensive) repairs or replacement later on.

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