Three Ideas To Help You Stay Toasty This Winter

As winter approaches, you’ve probably got your furnace checked and your space heaters ready. These appliances are not always the most efficient, and running them can get costly, especially if you or someone in your home is chronically cold. If you are looking at some alternative ways to keep warm, you might consider a few of these options.

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Is Your Home Well Insulated?

While not necessary an easy fix, making sure your home is well insulated is a great way to avoid turning up the thermostat when it’s chilly. A product like Pittsburgh fiberglass insulation can keep your home warmer for many years to come. 

How Much Air is Coming Through the Windows?

Windows are a big source of entry for outside air. In the colder months, covering them with thicker fabric such as wool can help keep the cold out. Take advantage of the heat of the sun and open the curtains when it’s sunny outside to help warm your home for free.

Are You Dressing in Enough Layers?

Layers are key when staying warm. It can be faster and more cost effective to put on an extra layer instead of heating up an entire room so you’re comfortable. A cozy blanket and a warm drink or soup can help, too. 

Do You Have a Ceiling Fan?

You have probably heard heat rises, so believe it or not, having a ceiling fan on can help push the warm air back down. The trick is making sure it is running clockwise and keeping it on a low setting.

Staying warm can sometimes be difficult during cold winter months. Having a few tricks up your sleeve can help you stay warm and toasty all season long. Having good insulation in your home, blocking drafts from windows, dressing in layers and keeping a ceiling fan running clockwise on low can help.

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