The information about electronic actuator dampers

You should want to buy the actutator than you need to pay some attention to its features and specification first. This would help you to pick out the best actutator and seriously you don’t need to be worried because you can be recognized the actutator with the model number and series number easily. So you don’t need to think twice because first of all, you need to know about all of its functions of actutator and by the way, it actually helps to remove all the smoke and fire from the unused rooms whenever you once installed the actutator and it helps to control the climate.


  • High fever valued ambition system.
  • Reversible fail-safe spring return.
  • Altogether metal housing.
  • Teflon cloistered lead wires.
  • Mechanical range adjustment.
  • Manifold shaft joins available will quarter up to 1.05-inch shafts.
  • Fifteen second nominal open time; 15-second nominal spring returns time.
  • Secure double end changes models accessible: 5° and 85°


Whenever the power is supply to the actutator coupling moves Sword in the open position of 90 degrees and seriously the actutator soap and in the 15 seconds nominal 90 degrees at 60 Hz. Sometime this might happen in the event of power failure the operating voltage is actually turned off and seriously The actutator returns to the zero degrees position And the return time of 15 seconds maximum for 90 degrees. Some actutator doesn’t require any period cycling to function properly as an integral part of an active smoke control damper system.


The opener actutator actually join with fast coupling and two- position spring return electronic. The actutator is actually available in the different models like 24vac, 115 vacs, and 230 vacs. These actutator actually used on the list it’s more control damper and on the combination of fire or smoke rated damper where the product actually signifies when any smoke is detected. The use of actutator is actually to control the damper and required after 142 lb driving talk if you should want to control perfectly. In HVAC damper it should be listed to control the smoke and fire signals or such other things. Seriously the actutator is designed to fulfill the requirement of 1999 revisions and seriously minimum stall torque is required in it.

The product numbers

Type- Rotation- Shaft Adapter- 24 Vac- 115 Vac- 230 Vac

Standard 95° Self-centering GGD121.1U GGD221.1U GGD321.1U

Eight pack of standard 95° Self-centering GGD121.1U/B GGD221.1U/B GGD321.1U/B

With oversize shaft adapter 95° Oversized — GGD221.3U —

With Auxiliary Switches 95° Self-centering GGD126.1U GGD226.1U GGD326.1U

The siemens ggd221.1u you could be getting but need to once watch out all its specification first.

Accessories you should be getting in the siemens ggd221.1u actutator

  • The 985-004 Self-centering shaft adapter you are getting.
  • ASK74.1 Oversized shaft Adapter will accommodate Up to a 1.05-inch 26.6 mm Diameter Shaft. Use for Coupling to 1-inch Jackshafts that are slightly Oversized
  • 985-035P25 Conduit Adapter for accommodating a conduit box pk of 25.
  • 985-008P20 Conduit Adapter for a 1/2-inch 12 mm NPT connector pk of 20.

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