Starting A Handyman Business For Semi-Retirement

Full retirement is not for everyone, particularly not now in 2010. But yet you cannot deny that there does come a time when the job that you have been doing for so many years seems like it is all a little but too much. That might because of health and fitness – particularly in construction and trades where there is a heavy physical demand on the body and where many people retire earlier than in other less strenuous professions for exactly that reason. But also it could just as well be that you don’t feel like you need to any more – like you have paid your dues and should not need to keep working quite so hard in the future.


So many people opt for something called semi-retirement. This means that you are no longer in full time work, but you still keep you hand in. It means that you still have something to get you out of bed in the mornings, at least a couple of days a week, and you keep active and in touch with people. It also means that you still have that bit of money coming in. You just aren’t working quite so hard.

Of course starting a business can often be very hard work, and it may seem strange choosing to do something like that as a way of taking it more easy and having more free time. But it can work out like that with some businesses, Fresno Handyman is a popular choice for people in this position.

When you are that age to be looking at semi-retirement you have probably built up a few skills and a good bit of knowledge about how to do stuff over the years. Obviously if you have worked in the building trade then that will certainly be true, but even if you haven’t you may well be highly equipped for this type of work.

Here are some things to consider when deciding. Firstly, you may not have work every week, or possibly even every month if you are running this as a casual enterprise. So you need to feel confident that you can afford to live like that. If you have a pension that you could live off, or if you have savings stashed away somewhere then that would really help you in doing something like this. Secondly you need to have a clear idea of what work you are and are not willing to take on before you start, and to think carefully about how much demand there is likely to be for those service.

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