Common problems that lead to failed home inspection

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Buying or renting a house is a whole lot of work and home inspection is a very important aspect of it. Before one can say you move into a house, you need to check to ensure it has the amenities you require for your comfort. 

When going for a home inspection, it is always better to go with an expert in the field who would be able to point out the main defects of the house and so it can be fixed on time.

But even when you go for a house inspection with an expert, it is also necessary for you as the homeowner to know what to look out for during a home inspection just to be clear and not have a misunderstanding.

Many online reviews platforms such as have conducted extensive research on some major things to look out for during a home inspection, as well as different home insurance schemes for when the purchase happens eventually.

Some factors that lead to failed home inspection 

A home inspection can be likened to a test that can be passed or failed, as it helps to point out loopholes in some certain areas of the house which attention needs to be given to, and which the buyer can decide if he/she can live with, repair or outrightly stop the purchase process in its entirety. 

Below are some of the major things to look out for when on a home inspection.

  • The drainage of the house and the ground sloping is an important aspect to look out for during home hunting.
  • Also, look out for the plumbing work and check out the pipes in the house to ensure they are in perfect conditions. Check for leakages in the pipes and ask for them to be fixed.
  • Electrical wiring of the house is another important thing to look out for in a home inspection. Check for the connections and other electric cables to make sure they are in good shape.
  • The security system of the house is important, so you need to ensure it is in good condition. No one wants to stay in a house where you don’t feel safe.
  • Check the roofing and ensure they are in good condition to avoid leaking because when there is a leakage, the house is in danger when it rains. 

What can I do when my dream house fails the home inspection?

When the house you intend to buy or rent fails home inspection, you can write out the list of things you found faulty and get it to your agent or landlord or anyone whom you feel is responsible for the repairs in the home. 

Doing this does not mean the agent or landlord would want to comply and do what you ask therefore, immediately you notice this attitude, it is better you start searching for other housing opportunities. 

This is one of the major reasons why a home inspection is important. You also should endeavour to do it yourself so you have the advantage of walking away if you are not satisfied.


Whether buying a house or getting it on rental, a home inspection is a vital aspect of your purchase and it allows you to move into a house in which you are very comfortable with and you get your money’s worth.

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