Reasons You May Need To Ask About A Roof Replacement


Roofers come to our rescue quite often. They are the ones you will see long after the construction is completed and the property has been standing for several years. A roofer is always needed. Sometimes we will call them for repairs and other times we will be getting a bid on a replacement. Before we make any moves, it is important to get the advice of your roofer. They can tell you the condition of your roof as well as their recommendation on replacement. Reasons you may need to talk to your roofer about a new roof include frequent leaks, gaping holes, and a sagging roof.

Frequent leaks

Service calls can be expensive, especially when they are frequent. If you find yourself calling out the roofer for a new spot every time it rains, there may be something wrong with the integrity of the roof. You may find yourself asking during the second service visit whether or not the roofer can check for any vulnerable areas and get ahead of the leaks. In some cases, the roof will look fine because the deterioration is slow yet steady. A busy rainy season can be the proof of whether or not your roof is still solid. That’s why it’s important to get a roof inspection when you first purchase a property so you know what durability and life expectancy you’re dealing with.

Gaping Holes

Holes in a roof can be a problem no matter if they are big or small. Any holes should catch your attention and any hole your roofer mentions you probably want to start asking questions about repair versus replace. Service companies will sometimes keep servicing a situation to try to save the customer a little money, but overtime it can cost a fortune if you keep making the same costly repairs. Ask the right questions so you will know if you need to set some cash aside for a major expense in the coming months.

Sagging Roof

Pay attention to your roof lines and make special notes if ever you see any swags, curves, or dips. Those lines should be straight, and if they aren’t, put a call in to your roofer so he can come and investigate it. This type of situation could mean that your roof is facing a collapse. Get it looked at right away. You’ll want to maintain your structural integrity as long as possible. One time when I did need a new roof I searched new roof installation overland park ks.


Roofers are important service people, especially when we are property owners. From apartment buildings to homes, to all commercial structures, you need someone to make sure the rooftop is secure. Roofers can be called depended on to tell you the real durability of the roof. They can suggest the best replacement and roof tops also come with a great warranty if you do need a replacement. Speak to a roofer to see if you need a replacement if you’re dealing with frequent leaks, gaping holes, or a sagging roof.

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