How Natural Stone Can Boost the Luxury Quotient of Your Home

Natural stone is a feature that can be incorporated into any kind of home improvement project, no matter how big or how small. If money isn’t an issue, you can install big slabs of natural stone on your walls or in any other places you may want. If you are on a budget, you may want to opt for using natural stone for accent elements that can add a special charm to any setting.

Incorporate Natural Stone In Outside Elements for a Plus of Luxury

If you want to make natural stone one of the key decor elements in your home, you should think beyond the traditional kitchen countertops and try to use it in other applications. For instance, a roof featuring natural stone slates can be something that makes people turn their heads when passing by.

Window and door sills are other applications that suit the use of natural stone. A granite door sill will be both beautiful and practical, and it will look new for a very long time.

Applications Can Add Beauty to Natural Stone: Details Matter

Most of us are reluctant to changing the exterior of our homes as often as we change the interior, and that happens for a very good reason. These being said, it makes sense to think more about the various ways in which we can incorporate natural stone to curb the appeal of the interior of our homes rather than to save money to put marble slabs on our roofs.

According to experts in kitchen design in Richmond, natural stone can be used in many ways that are different than the traditional kitchen countertop or bathroom baseboard. Marble tile walls, for example, can look extremely appealing, provided that the work is properly done and the project is developed by creative specialists.

One example of bathroom renovation stands apart by the use of skylights in combination with Blue Azul marble floors and baseboards, with a Carrara marble vanity top that perfectly complements the floors and the walls.

Another impressive renovation done by the interior designers at Artistic Tile in Tenafly, New Jersey, showcases the elegance of natural stone field tile and slabs paired with a rather contemporary stone mosaic.

Artistic Tile can work together with clients who are interested in this level of detail to create mosaics made from various types of materials and featuring a wide array of colours.

There’s another example worth mentioning here, in which the homeowner wanted semi-precious amethyst stones to create colour accents in a decor featuring a full wall covered in Breccia Capraia slabs. This special white marble with purple veining and green inclusions and the amethyst were a match made in heaven.

The way you install your natural stone can enhance its luxury quotient. This is why expert advice and guidance is extremely important during such home renovations. According to experts, it’s better to create seamless applications that pay close attention to details. Cladding a wall in a beautiful stone, paying attention to the alignment of the vein can result in an impressive look.

Think Big When Using Natural Stone

April Graves, vice president of Aria Stone Gallery, suggests thinking beyond boring applications of natural stone. Why not put it on your walls on in your hallways?

For one of their clients, Aria Stone Gallery experts have used Verde Aurora marble to clad an entire wall. They used this wall as a backdrop for a television and a fireplace. From a distance, there was nothing special about this project. However, when looking at it from close, you’ll see how the veins of the stones are perfectly aligned. This creates a dramatic impact very difficult to obtain with other materials.

Buying large slabs and paying close attention to creating seamless transitions are among the best pieces of advice experts give us. Stone tiles can make a powerful statement, so you should make sure you use them to make your house speak volumes about your personality and about your style.

Few materials can give homeowners so many opportunities to enjoy luxury features without spending a fortune on home renovations.

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