Palm Springs is a great place to buy and sell a property. If you’re looking for a realtor palm springs, there are many from which to choose. To help you in the process, there are some characteristics that set some realtors apart from others. Here are some questions to ask as you attempt to determine who is the best agent to represent you.

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How Long Have They Been in Business?

There may not be a right answer here. Newer agents may be hungry to build their book of business and work diligently for you. Seasoned realtors have the experience to make you feel secure in their business dealings. Both have pros and cons so it’s simply a matter of figuring out what your preference is and determining what’s best for your needs. 

What’s Their Staff to Client Ratio?

With Palm Springs being one of the best places to live, some realtors may have a full client load. While this can be appealing in terms of building your confidence in their ability to perform, it can also mean that they are stretched thin. Realtors are people with finite bandwidth and time. You want someone who has established credibility in the community but who will also be available for you. 

Do They Have an Approved Vendor List?

Things always come up when selling or buying a property. A good realtor will have established relationships with vendors in the community who are reasonable and reliable. It’s helpful to have an immediate connection to mitigate issues that arise during the process. Discounted rates are a possibility, too.

Buying and selling property can be both exciting and stressful. Finding the right real estate agent is critical to success. There are important questions to ask yourself, and potentially the agent when trying to determine the best fit for you. Going in prepared will alleviate stress and produce a positive outcome. 


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