Prepare For a Building Inspector’s Visit

Are you selling a property in Melbourne, Australia? If so, a Building Inspections Company in Melbourne will surely come to visit so here are some tips for the pre-purchase inspection to unfold like a charm.

You have stored some furniture, removed family photos and repainted some walls. Your home is ready to seduce potential buyers. Is the property also ready to undergo the pre-purchase inspection?

The building inspector in Melbourne will be on the lookout for not only serious problems, but also minor defects. The more he finds, the more his report will grow longer and the higher the risk that buyers will be disappointed and not buy.

Small defects are all irritants that add up and may displease the picky buyers. Other problems, such as foundation cracks or an obsolete water intake, can jeopardise a transaction.

Here are some simple and inexpensive steps to prepare your property for a pre-purchase inspection.


Over time, caulking around doors, windows, and vents is cracked by the sun’s rays. Using a blade, remove worn sealants. Get the right hardware products and apply them around all openings, paying particular attention to the door sill.


Any crack in the foundation represents a risk of water infiltration. Some have a structural impact. They are always a source of concern for buyers. Call on a foundation repair expert to analyse cracks and propose patches. In many cases, they can inject a product to seal them for good for as little as $300.


Clean the sliding windows and lubricate the cranks of the casement windows. If necessary, have the windows and mechanisms that are broken repaired or replaced. This will prevent the inspector from declaring that your windows are difficult or impossible to handle simply because you have not maintained them.

The entrance of the water

When the pre-purchase inspector discovers a water entry made of lead or galvanized steel, this immediately puts uncertainty on the transaction. Lead can contaminate water to a small degree, and galvanised steel will eventually rust. Barring special constraints, specialised contractors may install a brand new copper water inlet for less than $2,000.


The gutters are often filled with leaves, partly unhooked and poorly connected to the downspouts. Clean them, seal the leaks and make sure everything fits securely. Otherwise, have new gutters installed by a specialised company. It’s fast and not very expensive.

Ventilation outlets

Remove the lint from the outlet of the dryer. Replace the old yellowed plastic outlets with new painted steel outlets. Degrease the range hood filters and clean the air extractor grill in the bathroom. Replace the noisy fans. Anything dirty and run down can hurt the sale.

Prepare the arrival of the inspector

Do you really want to show off and impress the buyers and their inspector? Here are some things to do before they arrive.

  • Locate the water inlet and clear access.
  • Remove anything that could affect the opening of the electrical panel.
  • Empty the closet where the access door to the attic is.
  • Outside, remove the recycling bin, bicycles and other objects.
  • Unlock the garage and basement doors, as well as the doors under the deck.

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