Modern Essentials for the Southern Home

The American south has a rich history of architecture and culture surrounding home and hearth. However, some household staples have received technological upgrades, improving upon their form. What should you be looking to renovate?

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Cargo Lift

Coastal southern homes are usually waterfront or on a bayou, meaning the are probably also on stilts. Especially with the increase in hurricanes, storms and flooding, this is increasingly necessary or required. However, getting groceries or large items up and down into your house can be a huge pain, not to mention moving in or out of it. One way around this is a cargo lift, whose entry and exit is most often located on the porch. They can usually carry up to 1000 pounds and come at a reasonable price. 

Gas Porch Lights

A staple of southern style is a smattering of flickering gas lamps at the front of the home, especially next to the front door. In the old days, these would need to be refilled with gas manually. However, modern piping can keep them lit indefinitely, with no extra labor on your part. Good news is that it’s such a small flame, that your gas bill won’t go up by much.

Flood Pump

Flooding is a common occurrence in southern coastal areas. One way to keep your property dry and undamaged is to keep a pump around to push water out from under your house, or to get it out of your yard once the storm is over. Well dug culverts and ditches can only go so far. Watch out, you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood, and may have a lot of requests to share, hinging on your southern hospitality.

The landscape and weather of the south requires a specific way of living. There’s no harm in making life a little easier, you are not betraying the essence of the southern tradition. Home improvement is universal!

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