6 Luxury Design Inspirations from the Hotel Des Arts Saigon, Vietnam!

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A hotel with a unique and trendy interior, of course, can attract visitors to stay and spend time relaxing in it. Well, one of the hotels that we will invite you to see how attractive the interior design is Hotel Des Arts Saigon.

Being the work of our professional, MGallery Is a 5 star hotels in ho chi minh located in Vietnam, the interior of each room is filled with themes that look luxurious but still comfortable and warm. Apart from inside the room, our professionals are also entrusted to make interiors for the hotel lobby. Can’t wait to see it?

1. Artistic Bed With Headboard

Lions into his hotel room, wow it turns out that this very cool space is so interesting! Not only eye catchy but also comfortable. An artistic headboard with pictures of the city’s glittering atmosphere can make it interesting. Then combined with muted and neutral colors like beige and gray, it feels so resting in this room, making us feel at home and lazy to get out.

2. Hotel Lobby

Once stepping in, the lobby of the Des Arts Saigon Hotel appeared attractive. Specially decorated to attract the attention of hotel visitors, the lobby was made to look magnificent and elegant, with a combination of several dark and natural colors. Assisted by artistic lighting, the lobby looks more spacious and elegant. Wow, for photos, this area is really pretty.

3. Bed Details and Side Tables

With unique lighting that is set on the headboard, the order is so attractive to make the bed area comfortable. Minimalist side tables are also presented on each side, so as to make it easier for residents to put things.

4. Hotel and Pantry Rooms

With a mini pantry that is also matching color, making the bed look bright and become a focal point in the Des Arts Saigon Hotel room. Practical decoration with warm wooden floors, showing a modern and comfortable hotel room.

5. TV cabinet

For a TV cabinet in a hotel that has limited space, putting a television on the wall can be a way to save more space. This trick can also make the occupants comfortable because there are not too many items. While open shelves underneath can be used as a place for decoration, as well as a place to put multifunctional items.

6. Sink Cabinet

Bathroom with a dim brown color and a shady atmosphere, making this bathroom no less enchanting. For a more stylish look, our professionals combine wood texture with black granite, thus making the sink in the hotel bathroom look luxurious as well as natural.

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