Air-Conditioning And The Environment – How To Keep Your Cooling Unit Sustainable

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As climate change takes holds of the world and our planet gets hotter, more and more residents of developing nations are turning to the use of air-conditioning units. It is expected that by the year 2030, there will be an estimated 2-billion units in use. That number is strikingly different from the approximate 600-million currently in use.

For many years, air-conditioning units have made life a little more bearable for those living and working in areas of the globe which are susceptible to arid, dry and humid conditions. This has resulted in those living and working in these environments being more productive. The downside to the increased use of air-conditioning is that it further warms the planet, particularly, if those units are not maintained properly.

Here are a few important things to remember after you have installed an air-conditioning unit in your home or business.


With every year that passes an air-conditioning unit will lose around 6% in efficiency when it has not been properly maintained. To ensure that you newly or previously installed unit always runs at the optimal condition you need to make sure that it is regularly serviced, either by a professional or by yourself. Proper maintenance of the aircon unit will also ensure that it can produce cooler air faster using less energy.

Clear Blockages

When a unit is not properly serviced at regular intervals, it will inevitably, and much like any other piece of mechanical equipment be more dangerous to use and could end up costing you far more than you bargained for. Even the most modern units can become blocked up, or they would need to have parts replaced. When a unit becomes blocked, it will heat up quickly while producing very little to no cool air. The result of this could be a house or a building fire. Additionally, units which are regularly checked for blockages will last infinitely longer than units which are never checked.

Energy Saving

When a unit is not properly serviced, it will draw far more electricity from the grid than a well-maintained unit. This will mean a higher energy bill at the end of the day and an increase in your household carbon footprint. When a unit is maintained you can save approximately 30% on household costs for electricity. Service intervals should happen every 6 months if the unit is used daily.

Better Air

Units which are serviced regularly also produce cleaner, better air. Unmaintained units gather dust and mold particles which can cause serious health issues. When units are correctly and regularly maintained they will produce cleaner air free from bacteria and mold. If you find that you regularly suffer from hay fever or coughs when your air-conditioning units are on, then it may be time to clean the unit out.

These are not only important for ensuring the longevity of the unit but also the safe use of the units for the environment. Additionally, well-maintained units which produce clean air are healthier for you.

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