It is important to understand and practice proper handwashing. Also keep in mind that after washing your hands, you should dry them immediately because wet hands are more at risk for spreading bacteria or germs. Therefore, Dyson Airblade V Hand Dryers is the best hand dryer for maximum and fast drying of hands. Because if the hands have been contaminated with germs. This can make you stricken with various diseases.

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Hands can store lots of germs like salmonella, E-coli, and norovirus. These germs are obtained when you go to the toilet, change baby diapers, process raw meat, shake hands with other people or come in contact with sources of germs, such as garbage or feces.

Hand washing should be done when preparing food and before eating. Likewise, hand washing should be done before taking medication, using contact lenses, after urinating or changing a baby’s diaper, after touching a pet, treating a wound and taking out the trash.

If it is difficult to find water and soap, you can clean your hands with hand washing liquid or hand sanitizer. Pour enough liquid into the palm of your hand. Rub on all parts of the hand until the liquid dries. Make sure the product used contains at least 60 percent alcohol content. However, you should wash your hands with soap and water if the condition of the hands is very dirty.

One message from health experts, which is included very often played in various places is to wash hands with soap, especially if we eat immediately. Indeed, this activity is believed to be quite good at making hands-free of germs and bacteria that cause disease. However, now, the next question arises about these germs and bacteria. Is not after washing, the hand should not touch anything before eating? So, is the object used to dry hands-free from germs and bacteria?

In various places like restaurants or public toilets, we can indeed find a tissue or a hand dryer with air that we can use to dry our hands. However, if we are at home, we also tend to dry our hands with anything. Whether it’s with a dishcloth or even our clothes. This will certainly make germs more freely move through our hands. In addition, now health experts also believe that a hand dryer with air or a hand dryer will fly germs flying in the air and will stick back to your hands. In addition, if we use a tissue, we also often use tissue that is already open which of course has been contaminated with various viruses and bacteria from various places.

If we use a handkerchief, then this will also be less good because the handkerchief has been held several times and touched various objects that are full of germs and bacteria.

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