Want Free Mosquito House? Follow These 6 Tips!


Mosquitoes are not insects that are foreign to the people of Indonesia. Both heat and rain, insects cause itching and the disease never stops disturbing.

If you feel you have done your best to keep mosquitoes out of your house unsuccessful, you may miss some of the following.

1. Pile of goods

Mosquito likes to hide in places that are dark and humid, such as on the sidelines of a pile of goods or between hangers. These places are usually protected when you spray an insecticide so mosquitoes still interfere with your sleep even though you’ve sprayed the room.

The solution:

Try not to accumulate too much stuff at home. If forced, keep it from the rooms that are often used for the move.

Make a habit of closing the cabinet to keep mosquitoes from entering and routinely wagging the clothes hanging in them to keep the mosquitoes away.

2. Holes on the ground

It may sound awkward, but the holes in the ground can cause puddles that become mosquito breeding grounds. These holes are either hidden or rarely seen by you.

The solution:

Spend time checking the corners of your home page. If you find a hole or a hollow, immediately heap or cover the hole.

3. Wild plants

In addition to the sidelines of the pile of goods, mosquitoes also like to hide in the leaves of plants, especially the wide thin and elongated, and in the holes of trees. This is one of the survival instincts of these insects from predatory animals.

The solution:

Always take care of your garden. Destroy the weeds and place the broad or long-leaved plants as far away as possible from the room of your house. Then, look at the trees in your yard, cover with plastic if you find a crack or hole deep enough for mosquitoes to hide.

You can also plant mosquito-hated plants around your garden such as lavender, citronella, fragrant root, kecombrang, or basil.

4. Air circulation is not smooth

Mosquitoes love to be in a humid and hot environment.

The solution:

Improve air circulation in your home. Do you know? Mosquitoes do not like the fan because the mosquitoes are too weak to fight the wind.

5. Many ‘entrance’ for mosquitoes

The clever mosquitoes utilize small holes to enter your home. Therefore, check carefully any gaps that may be used by the intruder to enter your home. However, too close to close the house makes the house feel hot.

The solution:

Use wire screen to close the window. Also use the screen door lining the main door. Thus, you can keep doors and windows open wide to keep the air cool, without having to be afraid of being attacked by mosquitoes.

6. Many puddles

The cause of this one may already know a lot. Stagnant water is the only medium for breeding mosquitoes. But did you know that even a small puddle, with a height of 1-2cm in a plastic bottle for example, is enough for mosquitoes to breed?

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