Why You Should Not Delay Roof Repairs

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Exposure to rain, snow, hail or even sunlight can take a toll on your roof. Delaying roof repair St Louis County MO can lead to the following potentially devastating and costly consequences.

Structural Deterioration

Cracked roofs can cause leaks that can compromise your home’s structural integrity by causing its wooden frame, fascia and other supportive parts to rot or deteriorate. When this happens, you risk a ceiling collapse.

Ceiling Leaks

A roof that is missing shingles or has deep cracks can cause water to enter your home and flood the attic or any space below it. The first signs of a leaky roof can appear on a ceiling and include chipping paint, drywall and plaster. Dripping ceiling light fixtures are also a strong indication of significant roof damage.

High Utility Bills

If you start to notice a steady increase in your heating and cooling costs, your home’s insulation may not be doing its job. Consider that a leaking roof prevents your home’s insulation material from trapping hot and cool air because it remains soaked from moisture reaching it through roof cracks. Your HVAC system may require more energy to regulate your home’s temperature.

Fire Risk

Water and electricity are dangerous together. If any of your home’s wiring is on a ceiling below a damaged roof, it is imperative to undertake roof repairs to prevent water from reaching it. Rainwater entering through a roof can cause an electric short-circuit leading to a fire in your home.

Mold Risk

One of the most common consequences of a leaking roof is mold inside your home. Although every home contains some mold, roof leaks can cause it to form in hard-to-see or reach places where it can remain undetectable in conditions where it spreads rapidly. Microscopic mold spores can quickly penetrate the air in your home, causing allergic reactions and a wide range of significant health problems. 

Periodic roof inspections are vital for detecting and repairing roof damage that can compromise your home. 

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