How to choose the best door handle?

The most beautiful internal door from the best door manufacturers will be poorly presented with a handle in a completely different style. If you choose a modern door, do not put in them rustic style handles and vice versa. Classic doors match perfectly with long-door handles. However, modern style wings will look good with a handle with a rough, square, rectangular or round shape.

Which handle is better?

We should remember that it is the carefully selected details that emphasize the interior style, bring out its most beautiful and characteristic features. And this is the role of both interior door handles.

Colour and material very important

If you prefer subdued colours and subtle arrangements in your interiors, you can choose the colour of the handle, so that it will not stand out too much against the background of the door leaf. If you like to splurge with colours and fits the whole style of the interior, you can choose the colour of the handle based on contrast. However, remember that the contrast could be a problem. Improperly applied, it will rather deter or emulate ordinary kitsch. This principle should be guided by choosing the door handles for interior doors.

What about material? What colour?

The material is also very important. We do not place door handles made of steel or aluminium on classic doors from wooden doors manufacturers like These materials are basically reserved for modern doors. Any door referring to styles from previous eras will look good in a duet with brass handles or only resembling brass door handles. The elements stylized like gold door handles will also work. The colour of the handle must be chosen carefully, and it is worth using a sampler of door leaf veneers, so as not to make a mistake. Also, pay attention to what hinges and fittings are on the internal door, because the door handle must also match them.

Types of door handles

This is another aspect that will require a decision, because by choosing door handles for room or interior doors, you need to pay attention to their construction. Most often the door manufacturers try to produce the door handles with full signs, round or square rosettes, with an insert or key. They can be in the shape of a rectangle or a square, and then they are usually two or one-element. Very often, rosette door handles are now chosen, which consist of a square or round disc connected to the handle. There are also door handles with a rosette in which there is a keyhole or a special knob with a toilet lock.

It is also worth paying attention to the springs in the handles. Placed on both sides, significantly increase the comfort of opening and closing the door. These are slightly more expensive types of door handles, but they are much more comfortable to use, because when they are pressed, they return themselves to the starting position. We must always try to match the handles with the door, for example from wooden doors manufacturer. Everything must be perfect!

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