3 Issues a Home Inspection Should Catch

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Purchasing a home is one of the most exciting events. Finding the perfect place takes time, patience and planning. Once you find your dream home, it is important that you conduct your due diligence before finally making the purchase. Take a look at three underlying and major issues that a home inspection should reveal, and allow you the opportunity to decide if you want to continue or find another forever home.

1. Roof

The roof on a home may be damaged due to weather or age. Most homes over 20 years of age need a new roof. A home inspection will reveal the structural integrity of the roof and if there are any compromised areas. In some instances, the seller may be able to pay for portions of the roof to be repaired rather than a complete replacement. However, know that depending on the size of the home, the roof may cost a significant amount to replace, and inheriting one that needs work may result in damage to the interior of the home.

2. Septic System

The septic system of a home is responsible for transporting waste from drains and toilets out of th house and underground to a tank. Chemicals help break down the waste and keep it contained. A septic tank Orlando FL may require cleaning, flushing or replacing. A home inspection should reveal how well the septic system is functioning, and if it needs addressing by the sellers.

3. Air Conditioning 

The HVAC system of a home is crucial to the heating and cooling under the roof. In Florida especially, the summertime heat may cause temperatures inside a home to rise above 90 degrees. If any portion of the HVAC system needs servicing, a home inspector should be able to identify it. In some instances, a thorough service of the system may be all it needs to work properly.

A home inspection is a crucial step in the home-buying process. It helps you decide how badly you want a home, and if it isn’t better to walk away and begin the search again.

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