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Your pool is likely the place where you go to relax and unwind from a stressful world. While you can enjoy any pool, there are also so many other features that are true upgrades. If you want to elevate your at-home pool experience, here are a few features that you must add.


There is nothing more stunning than flowing, cascading water. If you want to ensure that your pool will impress, invest in waterfall installation Orange County this season. Let the sounds of rushing water relax you and take you to another place.

Heating Elements

Pools can detract from your tranquility when the water is jarringly cold. Instead of dealing with bone-chilling water temperatures, install a heater so that you can enjoy tepid, warm waters no matter the temperature outside. If you want to advance this idea, consider adding an exterior fireplace or elements of fire around your pool as intriguing visual additions.


If you want to be able to enjoy your pool at any time of the day, add some beautifully positioned lights. Not only can these illuminate your nighttime swim sessions, but they can also ensure that everyone is safe whenever they go into the pool.

Something for the Kids

If you have children, you must consider adding fascinating and fun features. Whether you choose sports equipment, a diving board or a water slide, there are plenty of kid-friendly amenities that will be sure to trigger laughter and fun.

Something for the Adults

If you want to add something for the kids, you also need to add something for the adults, like a poolside bar.

Tranquil Tropical Oasis

A sense of tranquility can also come from the atmosphere and ambiance that you set. If you want to keep your poolside restful and restorative, turn it into a tropical oasis where you can escape the woes of the world.

Pools can be so much more than bodies of water in your backyard. If you want to elevate your pool and swimming experience, adorn it with these amazing accoutrements.

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