Benefits of Adding a Heat Recovery System to Your HVAC System

A HVAC system that isn’t designed with energy efficiency in mind will burn through your wallet like fire, especially when the weather begins to get very hot or very cold. There are multiple ways to reduce those skyrocketing power bills such as insulating your home and adding a few fans to complement the air-conditioning, but nothing works as well as a dedicated heat recovery system because it brings advantages that no other solution can offer.

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It Keeps the Air Fresh Inside

While keeping the doors and windows tightly shut may improve the heating and lower the bills, a huge disadvantage of this practice is the stale air that keeps on circulating within the house. It’s unhealthy and over time the indoors will start to smell pretty bad. A heat exchange ventilator is the perfect solution to this predicament as it brings in fresh air whilst pushing the stale air out and it does both without sacrificing on the heat inside.

Heat Recovery Systems Recycle the Heat Inside

Similar to a balanced ventilation system, heat recovery systems have two fans working simultaneously as well; one of the fans pushes the stale air out, while the other brings in fresh air, but the difference is that heat exchange ventilators have a heat exchange core that heats the air outside to a comfortable temperature, before pushing it in. What makes this system so amazingly efficient is that the core simply takes the heat from the warm air which it is pushing out and utilizes the same heat to heat the cold air outside before blowing it indoors. This intelligent process of reusing the heat from the warm air inside, before sending it outside is cutting down on heating bills all around the world.

Cooling is Also Affected by Heat Recovery Systems

Contrary to what it may seem like from the name, heat exchange ventilators also help when the temperature outside is hot and it needs to be cool and fresh inside. While the HVAC system is keeping things cool inside, the heat exchange core simply draws the heat from the hot air outside before allowing it to enter the house and transfers that heat onto the cool air which is being expelled. As a result, the home stays cool and fresh, without taxing your power bills.

How to Choose and Install One

There are quite a few types of heat recovery systems available these days, but the most important factor to keep in mind is that you need to choose something that’s appropriate for the space in question. Head over to where you will get all the parts and the help you need to set up a heat recovery system by yourself. Just in case you don’t have the time or the expertise to do all that, BPC Ventilation also offers professional assessment and installation services as well.

The advantages should be clear by now, but the bottom line is that if you have an HVAC system, you can definitely improve on the air quality and reduce the electricity bills by opting for a heat recovery system. Even if you don’t mind the bill, you will definitely appreciate the clean and fresh air once you have one installed at your home.

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