How to Choose the Right Display Freezer

Invest in a Freezer as They Are Essential

Safe food storage is essential, and there are rules which much be followed to adhere to standards. Businesses’ reputations rest upon good food hygiene and safe preparation. Choosing a freezer involves making various decisions. Once you’ve selected the style, size, storage capacity and capability of the freezer, you may want to consider elements such as colour and finish.

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Investing in correct equipment is imperative. Commercial upright fridges can be ideal if a business is just starting out and money has to be ploughed into other areas. Many start-ups may delay purchasing refrigeration units and other appliances until cash flow becomes more favourable. Non-commercial units may only last for a few months, as they are not designed for busy kitchens.

Counter-top freezers, display chests, ice cream freezers, sliding glass lid units and upright glass door freezers are all used widely within the hospitality and retail industry. Counter-top freezers are designed for impulse buying and are suitable for shops, cafes and cinemas. Although small, they ensure the products remain at the correct temperature.

Commercial chest freezers provide the opportunity to display frozen produce, and they are available with either a curved glass lid or a flat top. Different shapes and sizes are available.

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Ice Cream Display Freezers Can Tantalise Customers

According to Digital Trends, French-door refrigerators have grown popular. They feature two doors side by side with a freezer drawer below. A key aspect is that it allows the customer to be eye-level with the food.

If you’ve carried out your research and you know exactly what freezer you are after, you can purchase from a range of outlets, including

An ice cream display freezer can be found in cafes and allows for a full range of displays of soft scoop ice cream to entice customers and encourage impulse buys. They come in a range of sizes and finishes to suit the nature of your business.

A sliding glass lid display chest freezer offers the customer easy access to the shop’s range of frozen products. Upright display freezers offer excellent visibility of frozen products, and their compact nature mean they are perfect for small spaces. A range of products, from chips to takeaway meals, can be stored in them.

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