3 Things You Should Be Looking for When Buying UPVC Windows

UPVC, or un-plasticised poly vinyl chloride, is also known as rigid UVC. It is durable and low-maintenance, so it is often used in window frames and pipes. However, there are different grades of UPVC windows and even more differences between products by various manufacturers. Choose the wrong windows, and you could pay for it in a variety of ways. Here are four things you should be looking for when buying UPVC windows.

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An A rating typically means it is a better, more energy efficient window, but that’s not always the case. A B rating by a good company may be better than the “A” rated windows by an inferior manufacturer. The lowest energy rating a window can receive is a D.

Low grade uPVC windows may be a good choice if you’re on a tight budget, but you won’t get the longest-lasting product when you go this route. The better products resist wear better. You can gauge the life expectancy of the windows by the guarantee that comes with the system. If they won’t guarantee it for at least ten years, you know it is an inferior product. The warranty may be for the double glazing of the window, but warranties for moving parts and the window frame will typically be separate.

The Design Options

You can find uPVC windows in a range of styles and designs just like traditional glass windows. You can get vertical sliding sash windows that match the current windows in a period home. You can buy fully reversible windows that allow you to easily clean upper story windows and fully ventilate a room when desired. You could opt for shaped windows that fit unusually sized window frames or half-moon skylights. Visit https://thehomedesigngroup.co.uk/double-glazing-upvc-windows-belfast/ to learn more about the wide range of UPVC windows available today. The ideal situation is replacing the entire façade of the home at the same time so that your windows all match.

The Overall “System”

When you’re buying a window, it isn’t just the glass or PVC and the frame. Instead, it is part of an entire system. There are a number of locking systems available to you. The lowest quality window manufacturers use the cheapest locking system, ‘the espag’, unless you pay for something better. The shootbolt system costs a little more, but provides more security.

The joints may be fully welded or mechanical. Mechanical joints are typically associated with other window systems and they are a cheap and fast way to make window joints. The biggest weakness of these joints is how even a slight shrinkage of the mullions or transoms creates terrible draughts. Fully welded joints on UPVC windows are thus preferable. Look at the inter-lockers on the window. Good quality windows have fitted inter-lockers. Internal bead systems are simply better for home security.

If you live near the coast, that salty air may seem refreshing, but it will rust away the screws in your window frames. Many window companies use zinc coated screws, but switch to stainless steel screws where it truly matters. If you are concerned about rust, you may have to request that only stainless-steel screws be used throughout the window system. You can tell if they’re using real stainless-steel screws by using a magnet. If the magnet sticks to the screws, they are not stainless steel.

Windows are essential to making your house a home. While new windows may be costly, making the wrong choice can lead to the exterior of the home looking less attractive and the interior being less comfortable.

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