Lighting Tips To Brighten Your Budget

Utility prices are in the spotlight as rates rise and homeowners foot the bill. Energy prices now exceed $110 a month for the average American, and as a result, cost-conscious consumers are considering ways to cut energy consumption. Some have turned to creative lighting solutions to illuminate a path to savings. If you find yourself glaring the next time you look at your electric bill, here are three ideas designed to brighten your home without lightening your wallet.

Get the LED Out

Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs will be a fixture in the future, but they are already in widespread use today. Although consumers can expect to pay more initially for LEDs, the long-term savings are significant. With an energy consumption of just 25 percent that of its incandescent cousins and a lifespan 25 times longer, LEDs – especially those boasting the ENERGY STAR rating – will lower your lighting costs for a very long time. Additionally, evolving technology is helping to lower the purchase price.

Tea and Sconces

Wall sconces can help curb costs while adding luster to your living area. Instead of employing overhead units that fill a room, sconces let you focus the light just where you need it. Strategic placement in reading areas or by the bed open opportunities for lower wattage bulbs. Wall mounts also eliminate the need for furniture like lamp stands and nightstands, offering additional savings of both time and floor space. Professional lighting companies offer a variety of sconce solutions so be sure to search for Lighting st Petersburg fl or retailers in your area.

Dim Your Watts

Dimmer switches also shine a light on savings. Having the power to control the precise level of light in your house is payment enough, but dimmers actually help homeowners save money by reducing the amount of electricity that reaches the bulb.

Don’t let utility prices leave you in the dark. A little research and imagination can spark cost-cutting solutions that will leave you glowing.

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