Add Architectural Elements for Style and Personality

If you think that your home looks drab and dull no matter what you do, it could be a simple lack of architectural elements. By working in pieces that enhance your existing architecture, you can instantly add more style as well as a personal touch to your interior, exterior, or landscaping.

Interior Spaces

Instantly dress up the interior design of your home by adding little details such as crown molding. There are several styles to choose from. They range from the Victorian era patterns that are quite ornate to plain dental molding that is ideal in contemporary homes. Another way to add interest to a room is to switch out cheaper, hollow doors for solid wood versions that can be stained in rich colors. Splurge on the matching baseboards for a coordinated look.

Exterior Surfaces

You can use gingerbread trim to enhance the charm of any home’s exterior. You will find wood rails and corner pieces that can easily be attached along the porch roof line and in the corners of doorways. Either paint or stain them to match the other exterior colors you decorate with. Shutters also bring charm and personality to the front of a house. Choose from traditional slatted shutters, rustic ones, or solids with cutout shapes.

Landscape Features

All you have to do is look at the civil engineering baltimore businesses use in their landscaping to see how garden features can improve what would otherwise be a typical flower bed. Bird baths, ponds, and fountains are all water features that give the impression of peace and tranquility. Use larger structures such as gazebos or arches surrounded by flowering plants in bigger spaces. Use a combination of both for large properties.

Once you have added these simple yet beautiful touches to your home, you’ll have a house you can truly be proud of. The new look will bring style and personality to the place while helping to increase the overall value of your property.

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