Why Should You Consider Aluminium Windows

If you’re facing a renovation sometime soon – and if you have the chance to work on your ventilation – perhaps you should consider aluminium windows. Lightweight, cost-efficient, and accessible to most builders and suppliers, it’s becoming a more popular construction material in today’s housing.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider them.

A wide array of options and finishes

If you think that aluminium just come in plain colours, you’d be wrong. Most aluminium framing comes with different kinds of finishes available that can fit any decorating scheme or style. Your windows are one of the most visible parts of your house, after all.

Two of the most popular finishes are:

  • Anodised finishes: aside from providing effective corrosion resistance, anodised aluminium has plenty of colour options to pick from based on manufacturer. They’re versatile enough to be used both in indoor and outdoor fixtures as well.
  • Powder coating: one of the more resilient coats that you can use on aluminium framing. It’s easy to apply primarily to jalousie windows and those that use detachable frames.


Unlike wood or PVC framings, aluminium windows undoubtedly offer the best value for money considering their versatility. Able to be molded, cut, or shaped into any design, they make for excellent window frames regarding aesthetics.

They are also significantly less expensive than other materials and are often more accessible to source in many urban locations. Their availability means that they can be DIY’ed into home repairs when necessary, and easily replaced in the even of massive construction.

Strong and resilient

In contrast to windows made of wood, aluminium windows have a much higher strength when it comes to withstanding the elements. Able to avoid or limit tearing, weathering, warping, cracking, or swelling, this material is perfect for those looking for a fixture to last.

This versatility also makes it extremely suited for a place where the climate is varying or taken to extremes such as the tropics. Under any extreme weather conditions, aluminum’s strength-to-weight ratio makes working with this material easy throughout the year.

Reusable and recyclable

Finally, aluminium itself is one of the most reusable materials you can work with during construction. If you’re environmentally conscious, many aluminium recycling centres accept loose sheets or chunks after a renovation. Not only have you upgraded the furnishings of your house, but you’ve done so in a way that helps nature.

Other window frames may be a little challenging to work with when it comes to this aspect, especially wood or PVC shells. With the materials as mentioned earlier being so susceptible to damage, you may get something that you can’t reuse or recycle when the times comes to replace them.

Those are just some of the benefits when it comes to installing aluminium windows on your home. It’s a great material that you can use for indoor or outdoor installations, affordable, and can fit most of your design needs. Indeed, it’s one of the better options you can use in upgrading your beloved home.

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