No Kidding: Reasons Why Quartz Can Be the Family-Friendly Choice

Most Stain Resistant Countertop Material: No Fear of Spills! - HanStone  Quartz

When remodeling a kitchen or building a new home, as a homeowner you have many decisions to make when it comes to the central food preparation area. No choice is more important than that of your countertop, an installation that must last for years even under extreme conditions. Of the various stone surfaces available, one engineered stone, quartz, could prove the best choice for active families with energetic children. Here are the reasons quartz can carry its weight as a kid-friendly product.

Resistant to Stains and Spills

Quartz is non-porous, meaning stains will not get under the surface and leave permanently disfiguring marks. As a result, your youngsters and their friends need not worry about tipping over their drinks or splashing food when snacking. When stone fabricators Mequon installs these counters you know you have only to take a moment to clean up the messes.

Easy To Care For

That condition that makes this countertop stain-resistant also means you do not have to apply the same efforts to protect it as you would with other counter surfaces. Quartz, unlike some natural-stone products, requires no regular sealing necessary to create a barrier against acidic foods and liquids. Another valuable consequence of the impermeability of quartz is its antimicrobial quality.

Has Stain-Hiding Qualities

One challenge quartz manufacturers have had to overcome is its unnatural appearance. However, current iterations can be made to look like natural stone, bearing similar swirls and specks. These patterns are ideal for camouflaging food and liquid messes until the family cleans the dirty dishes and you can wipe down the counters with water.

After all, busy homeowners with large families should have options for low-effort home maintenance and cleaning. Choosing the right materials in home construction that provide both looks and ease-of-use can provide long-term value. In the kitchen, quartz countertops fit that profile.

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