How To Prepare Your Business for a Hard Winter

Damage from Ice Dams Can Cause Secondary Damage | Spectrum Building &  Restoration

There’s no doubt that winter is a magical time of year. Snow makes everything look beautiful especially at holiday time. Unfortunately it’s not without worry, especially if you’re a business owner. Before the snow falls this year, get busy and prepare your company for a hard winter.

Monitor Roof Snow

If your business operates out of a large, flat building, you’re probably all-too-familiar with the occasional leak during the winter months. When snow accumulates after several storms, the weight builds up and can crush a roof. Investing in technology that records the measurement of roof snow load alerts you when it’s time to be removed.

Have a Power Outage Plan

Power outages are common during the winter, but you never know exactly when they’ll happen or for how long. Now’s the time to get a generator in place in case of a major outage. Just because the power goes out doesn’t mean business stops, so a back-up prevents you from losing money.

Create a Staff Policy

When severe weather strikes, such as a blizzard or an ice storm, make sure you’ve got an inclement weather policy in place. There’s no reason to put employees at risk when they drive in from far away. Come up with a plan for working from home or for employees that live close to cover.

Keep the Property Safe

During foul weather, it’s your responsibility to keep your property safe. That means getting your snow removal contracts ready and preparing with salt and shovels. Be vigilant of ice forming on the edge of your roof. Keeping it raked off will prevent ice from building up and falling on top of someone.

Prepare Early

With winter rapidly approaching, don’t leave preparations to the last minute. Monitoring rooftop snow, preparing for outages and snow removal keep you a step ahead. The best case scenario will be a light winter, but if the worst happens, you’ll be ready.

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