Kitchen Countertop Ceramic Wall Recommendations

The kitchen is a place in the house where you can prepare nutritious meals or get creative with new recipes for the whole family. Therefore, the arrangement of equipment and furniture in the kitchen must be considered carefully so that the cooking atmosphere is more pleasant. Included in designing the kitchen countertop ceramic wall.

Ceramic Wall Kitchen Countertop Tile Pattern

Ceramics are easy to clean if they get splashed. Simply using a damp cloth, you can remove oil stains on the ceramic. Another advantage, ceramics have a variety of colors, shapes, motifs, and sizes making it easy for you to match the kitchen theme. For example, ceramic tile motifs that will strengthen the artistic feel of the house.

Ceramic Wall Kitchen Countertop Marble Motif

The use of a backsplash not only functions as a protector, but also as a decorative element that enhances the appearance of the kitchen. There are a variety of backsplash area coating materials sold in the market, one of which is marble. Marble, besides being easy to clean, this material also creates an elegant and luxurious impression. Marble is also very hard with a thickness of 2cm so it is durable and not easily broken. In addition to walls, you can also use them for kitchen countertops.

Geometric Pattern Kitchen Countertop Ceramic Wall

For the sake of presenting a modern concept that is ‘current’ in the kitchen, try using geometric ceramic models. You can buy square tiles with geometric motifs or directly choose other shapes such as hexagonal. To make it look more aesthetic, determine some color combinations that will be used and arrange them according to taste. Don’t forget to also adjust the color of the wall paint and other furniture so they don’t collide with each other.

Kitchen Countertop Ceramic Wall in Jet Black

Black is never failed. That is the opinion of many people when choosing black material for the home, including in the kitchen. Sure enough, a luxurious and elegant look is instantly created with a shiny black reflection on the ceramic wall of the kitchen table. Minimalist or industrial nuances are definitely very fitting juxtaposed with this model.

Retro Granite Kitchen Countertop Ceramic Wall

Currently, the retro style is quite in demand by various groups. His popularity turned out to be widely exposed on various social media. This style became an attraction because many people started to like the classic style but with a modern touch. Therefore, if you are interested, then the inspiration for the ceramic kitchen table wall as above is worth emulating.

Ceramic Wall Kitchen Countertop Chessboard Pattern

If you are bored with white but still want to present a neutral atmosphere, you can choose a ceramic kitchen table wall motif with a monochrome pattern. Then arrange it like a chessboard, with white and black ceramic patterns side by side. Monochrome ceramics like this will also create a vintage atmosphere and are ideal for application in the kitchen.

Ceramic Wall Kitchen Table with Wood Pattern

In the market today, there are many wood-patterned ceramics that are guaranteed to make the atmosphere of the house more homey and warm. Ceramics with wood motifs have the advantage of having a luxurious impression of wood and are also much easier to maintain because they will not rot like wood in general. Regarding the price, of course, ceramics with wood motifs will be much cheaper than wood in general.

Ceramic Wall Kitchen Countertop Classical White Ceramic Motif

Kitchens with white nuances tend to give the impression of being clean and simple. As you can see in the example image above. The kitchen with a white palette on the ceramic wall of the kitchen table provides a contrasting effect that combines with other neutral colors, namely gray.

Ceramic Wall Kitchen Countertop Hexagonal Mosaic Motif

Interested in the ceramic wall of the kitchen table above? For information, the mosaic is a work of art that began in Mesopotamian times and has been growing in the civilizations of Greece and Rome to this day. Its use is not limited to works of art, but extends to decorative arts, including home decoration using mosaic techniques on ceramic wall and interior coatings.

Ceramic Wall Kitchen Countertop Monochrome Pattern

Black and white ceramic motifs aka monochrome are now on the rise. Instead, the application of a monochrome style can create the illusion of a wider room. This advantage is very appropriate when applied to the ceramic wall of the kitchen table. Dark colors like black can be chosen for the entire storage shelf. Meanwhile, on the backsplash, you can experiment with using a white marble motif.

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