Best Way to Hang Pictures on Wall

The walls take up so much space in any room. Since it’s such a prime piece of decor real estate, decorate the walls to reflect your personal style and flair. Whether you choose to use all three of these ideas or just one, you’ll be on the right track to creating decor that’s inviting and beautiful.

1. Paint

There are many ways to incorporate paint into the overall design. You can choose to paint a statement wall in a really bright and bold color. Create a stencil design to go around the perimeter of the room. You can even choose to keep it simple and paint all of the walls the same color. The use of paint on the walls creates a solid foundation for you to create the theme you desire most.

2. Artwork

Beautiful artwork always evokes a certain emotion. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words. Allow your artwork to portray the thought behind the decor. There are tons of online outlets that sell a variety of art pieces. If you’re unable to afford artwork, consider a few DIY ideas. Purchase a beautiful shower curtain with a stunning design. Frame it and no one will know it’s a shower curtain. It’ll just look like a really expensive and ornate piece. You can also purchase a few canvases and paint them in solid colors. Line the walls with the multi-colored canvases to create a gallery effect.

3. Gallery Wall

To continue the conversation around a gallery, gallery walls continue to remain popular in many homes. Take all of your favorite pictures of your family members and friends. It’s also nice to include sentimental quotes and lovely pieces of artwork in the theme. Use similar frames for each photo and try to stick with a specific color theme. Before you hang all of the pictures, it’s best to create a mock-up. You’ll want to figure out the best way to hang pictures on wall without overpowering one another. Place the pictures on the floor in front of the wall. and arrange them in the same way you’d want them on the wall. Once you’ve figured out the layout, then you can hang each photo up.

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