Customize Your Home with Concrete Floors

Concrete has become one of the most stylish options for flooring in homes. It is no longer just for driveways, patios, or sidewalks. Today, with the many options that are available, many people are choosing to integrate concrete into the home for a number of reasons.

Concrete is Affordable and Environmentally Friendly

Concrete is much more affordable than many other types of flooring. Because it is easy to produce, it requires far less energy than other choices. It is extremely durable, so it will last when other types have been replaced several times.

Concrete is beneficial for air quality in homes, because it contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Exposure to VOCs can cause many health problems, particularly for people with asthma. It also retards the growth of mold and mildew and is resistant to odors.

Decorative Concrete Offers Beautiful Choices

There are many new and innovative ways of decorating concrete to allow you to create almost anything you want. The look of marble or granite can be created using concrete. Staining can allow you to choose any color that you want to integrate the flooring with the rest of your home’s d├ęcor. Stamping offers numerous options for decorating the concrete. Hoette Concrete Construction is an example of a company that offers decorative concrete st louis mo.

Saving Energy and Low-Maintenance

Concrete is great at absorbing cool and warm air. Therefore, it reduces cooling and heating costs. Added to this benefit, it is easy to maintain. Since it does not absorb odors, there are no worries about accidents from your pets. It is also scratch-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about damage from their claws.

Cleaning is simple. All that is needed is sweeping or vacuuming and mopping regularly to keep it looking great. When it is sealed correctly, the floors will resist water, whether it is from spills or something else. For people who desire a high gloss finish, this can be added to the decorative concrete and eliminates any need for waxing.

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