3 Things to Do Before Listing Your Home for Sale

Thinking about putting your house up for sale? There are several ways to simplify what can often be a stressful selling process. Here are three key tips to follow before you put your house on the real estate market.

1. Improve Curb Appeal

Everyone understands the value of a good first impression. In the real estate market, first impressions can make or break a sale. Make sure your home provides a welcoming feeling to buyers by updating its curb appeal. Start by refreshing the landscaping – mow the lawn, trim trees and bushes and plant seasonally-appropriate flowers. It doesn’t take much effort to make your home more inviting to potential buyers.

2. Clean and Declutter

Every buyer wants a clean house. Before you put your house on the market, you’ll want to deep clean every room of the house. Be sure to do a thorough job – if any dirt or grime remains, a buyer is going to see it. During the cleaning process, you’ll also want to declutter your spaces in order to depersonalize your home. Pack up all personal items like photographs, souvenirs and other trinkets that can be a distraction for buyers. If buyers are able to visualize living in your home, they’ll be much more likely to make an offer.

3. Find the Right Realtor

In order to sell your house quickly and for top dollar, you’ll need to hire an excellent realtor. When looking for a realtor, make sure the person you hire is professional, punctual and responsive to your needs. Most importantly, you’ll want a realtor who knows your local housing market inside and out. Professional real estate services Shippensburg PA can match you with the best local realtor who will get your house sold!

Selling a house can be a stressful experience. By following these tips, you’ll be properly prepared to list your house and get it sold!

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