7 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Quonset Hut

Quonset huts, an affordable alternative to traditional buildings, have many benefits and applications. Because they come in different shapes and sizes, they’re used as hangars, warehouses, and even offices. For residential use, the huts make good barns, garages, and residences.

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To top it all off, their steel frame makes them easy to construct. But despite these advantages, choosing the right hut can be a difficult task. Let’s look at some of the things you should know before you buy one.

Why Do You Need the Hut?

Before choosing a Quonset hut, ask yourself how you’ll use it. Do you need a new barn, garage, or house? The hut’s intended purpose then determines its shape and size.

For instance, a full arch is perfect for residential use because it’s pleasing to the eye. It also holds more weight, which leaves you with a sturdy, durablestructurewhich drains water easily.

What are the Local Zoning Laws?

As you choose a Quonset hut, pay close attention to your local zoning laws. Are you even allowed to build one on your property? And if the laws permit you to build one, how many permits do you need for it?

Remember, permits for a barn or garage differ from those of a business premise. Likewise, a residence needs more permits than a barn, garage, or office. With the necessary permits in hand, now focus on putting up your hut.

How Easily Can You Construct the Hut?

Granted, Quonset huts require less time, money, and labor to put up than traditional structures. But like every other structure, building them still needs proper planning. So, find out how much steel you’ll need as well as how long and how many people you’ll need to construct the structure. Now you’re ready to order you hut online.

How Do You Choose a Steel Building Contractor?

Don’t just order your hut from the first steel building contractor you come across. Do your homework first. Go online and peruse the contractor’s portfolio.

Do they have the necessary experience? What’s the quality of their steel? Do they have favorable customer reviews? After doing your research, choose a company like SteelMaster Buildings who have decades of experience and that have sold structures across the country.

Do You Need a Foundation?

When the building kit arrives, ask yourself the next important question: Do you need a foundation? If you’re building a simple shed or barn, you don’t need a foundation. All the same, use wooden planks as a makeshift foundation that stabilizes the structure.

Don’t forget to construct a concrete floor if you’ll be spending a lot of time in the shed or barn. You don’t want to work on the bare ground, especially during winter or after heavy rain.

How Do You Weatherproof the Exterior?

Although arch-shaped huts drain water easily, they still need a weatherproof primer if they’re to last. As you already know, steel rusts in humid conditions. So, use weatherproof paint on the exterior and a silicone sealant in the joints.

How Do You Finish the Interior?

With the exterior finished, now focus on the hut’s interior. You have the choice between cheap traditional walls or expensive wood paneling. The final material depends on your budget.

Buying a Quonset hut shouldn’t be difficult. Simply know what you want, pay attention to local laws, and buy from the right steel building company. After that, putting up the structure only requires planning.

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