Ways To Spot Foundation Issues Around Your House

Recently, several buildings have been collapsing. Sadly, most cases are because of bad foundations. Therefore, it is important that you look out for foundation issues so that you can deal with the problem before it escalates. Causes range from poor building practices to unpreventable natural factors. If you see any of these defects, contact a foundation repair expert immediately.

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Musty Smells

Moldy smells in crawlspaces and corners of the basement are an indication of underlying foundation troubles. The odor could be because of leaking basement walls. Although sometimes it results from plumbing hiccups, there is a chance that outdoor moisture is leaking through the cracks in your foundation. The only way to know is to hire experts in foundation repairs tulsa ok.

Tilting Chimney

If the chimney looks tilted, trust your sight, and don’t assume that it is an optical delusion. Bent chimneys indicate an underlying issue with the house’s foundation. It may look like it is bowing to one side because there is a huge gap between the chimney and your building.

Gaps on Frames

Gaps on window and door frames go beyond a broken door or window. There is a possibility that your foundation is broken. When your foundation is not in good shape, double doors will not align properly; making them difficult to close. Doorframes may also look crooked. Therefore, don’t assume such issues because they often run deeper than you may imagine.

Sagging Floors

Sagging floors or ceilings are warning signs that the foundation is amiss. When the home’s foundation moves, it may pull apart of compact the support beams. The shifts may cause the weight of a building to be uneven in some places, which results in sagging floors and ceilings.

To prevent your home from collapsing, it is paramount that you watch out for these signs. Address them early before the issue worsens. The best way out is to consult a foundation expert.

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