Top 3 Time-Saving Automation Opportunities

Most people struggle with finding free time. Everyday tasks can take up valuable family and leisure time. Using these tips can allow you to take back some of your time for yourself.

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Stop Dragging Sprinklers Around

Keeping your lawn, flowerbed and garden green and healthy can seem like you’ve taken a part-time job. There is a constant need for water during the time you would most like to relax with your family. Moving the sprinklers takes up more valuable time, and most people struggle to cover all areas of their lawn every time. Instead, have a professional irrigation St Louissystem installed in your yard. Not only will you no longer need to do any watering yourself, but all areas of the lawn and beds will also get thoroughly wetted. Additionally, your lawn may absorb more water because irrigating before the sun is up means you are not losing water to evaporation.

Schedule Your Bill Payments

The majority of companies now offer automatic paymentoptions that allow you to pay with a bank account or credit card. This feature is available for utilities, credit card payments, mortgage payments, loan payments and some medical bills. There is usually an enrollment form or page to set up the payment plan options. After you have taken care of this one-time task, you can let your automatic payments relieve you of those routine tasks.

Streamline Your Shopping Time

Many people have certain items that they consistently purchase over time. For some, it might be a 50-pound bag of dog food per month. For others, it could be laundry detergent every other week. Take advantage of the recurring shipment options that many retailers offer and have items that you use sent directly to you when you will need them next. Often, using the recurring service even comes with added savings as a bonus.

Spending time on paying bills, dragging around hoses, or picking up the same items over and over is not most people’s idea of fun. Using these options, you could bypass those tedious tasks and use that time on the things you enjoy most.

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