Four Easy Steps to Clean Stains on Carpet

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Carpet is one of the floor mats that many people use it. In addition to avoiding cold floors, carpets can also be used as additional home decoration. So that your house will look more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

However, the carpet certainly needs to be kept clean so that these benefits can still be enjoyed. We also must be diligent in caring for it so that the carpet will always look like a new carpet.

No doubt, every home is prone to occasional coffee spills or stains from shoes. However, there are certain ways to deal with these stains.

Below, there are effective ways to clean carpets that have been stained by gravy, mud, pet feces, and much more.

Check out the steps:

  • Take 2 empty spray bottles, then fill with cold water. Mix 1/4 teaspoon mild dishwashing liquid and one glass of warm water.
  • Spray the detergent solution into a microfiber cloth. Do not spray the solution directly on the carpet so it is not too wet. Then, apply to the point of the carpet affected by the stain. Don’t rub it too hard. When the stain dissolves, clean with a clean cloth. Repeat these steps until the stain completely disappears.
  • Spray other clean cloth with cold water. Use the cloth to rinse the detergent solution from the carpet, then wipe again with a dry cloth.
  • Stick the tissue paper in the part that has been sprayed and rinsed. Then, place a thick pan on top. The tissue paper will absorb the remaining stains on the carpet when left overnight. In the morning, gently rub the spot with your finger and let it dry.

Good luck! Hopefully, with a few steps above, stains on your carpet can be resolved perfectly. But if you want your carpet to be cleaned in a sure and perfect way. It would be nice if you use the best cleaning services and carpet care such as San Antonio carpet repair.

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