A bedbug infestation can be gross and irritating. In addition, they can easily be spread to other households. It can be pretty easy to spot the signs of an infestation and if you think you have a problem with bedbug huntington wv, then keep reading to see some of the signs that indicate an infestation.


The most common sign you have bed bugs is if you start noticing bites on your body. There are a few things that let you know that you have bedbug bites. For starters, the bites will be red. They can be raised or flat. They’ll also be very itchy. Bedbugs can bite any area of skin that’s exposed, but the most common spots are the chest, back, neck, hands, feet and face. Most of the time, these bites will happen during the night but they can happen during the day. Lastly, these bites usually happen in multiples because the bugs are trying to find the area with the best blood.

Small Blood Stains

Another sign is noticing small blood stains on your sheets, clothes or pillows. The reason these appear is because you roll or move in your sleep and squash bugs that haven’t digested all the blood. Keep in mind, seeing small blood spots doesn’t always indicate bedbugs and you’ll have to look for these other signs as well.

Fecal Droppings

You’ll also be able to see fecal droppings. These will usually bleed into the fabrics of your mattress, sheets or pillows and they are black or another dark color. They usually look like a mark from a marker or felt tip pen. The best way to tell if it is bedbug fecal matter is to try and rub it with a wet cloth. If it is fecal matter, then it’s going to smear and not come off easily.

Empty Shells

Just like many other animals, bedbugs shed their exoskeleton and leave behind shells. In its lifetime, this will happen about 5 different times. These will be light colored and look like a smaller and thinner version of a popcorn kernel. With many bedbugs shedding 5 times, you should be able to see quite a few shells. Try looking in the popular spots, like mattresses and wooden furniture.

Musty Odor

Another sign of bedbugs is a nasty and musty odor. These odors come from the bedbug’s scent glands. These smells are actually how bedbug detection dogs find infestations. A lot of times, if you disturb a big group of bedbugs, you’ll get a big whiff of the musty scent. Keep in mind, you won’t usually smell them when it’s just a few. This means that you have a pretty serious infestation if you can easily smell them. Remember, if you notice any of these signs, call a professional as soon as possible. The problem won’t just go away on its own and you need to get a professional pest control service to get rid of them!

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