Facts About All Natural Tick and Mosquito Control

Ticks and mosquitoes are nuisances, and they also transmit diseases to both people and pets. It is commonly assumed that the only effective way to kill and repel biting insects is by using poisonous chemicals. Unfortunately, most of these chemicals can cause great harm, sometimes leading to health problems that can be quite severe. The good news is that safe alternatives exist. All natural tick and mosquito control made from ingredients derived from plants may be the best choice for helping prevent bug bites while also avoiding unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects.

Healthier for People and for Pets

Whether pest control chemicals are applied directly onto the body or sprayed in the yard, contact with the skin, mouth, or nasal passages can pose certain risks. These include skin irritation and rashes or more serious health problems, including central nervous system disorders. Products made from 100{1f7cf7135ed82c5a54e090f9096836c2eda030682a7d97b4990fb2fdfc96f056} natural ingredients take care of the problem of biting insect pests while keeping everyone safe, including children and pets.                                                                                             

Better for the Environment

Conventional pesticides pollute the soil and vegetation and can affect surface water, groundwater, and drinking water. These chemicals do not discriminate between insect pests such as ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes and those that are beneficial to the landscape. All natural tick and mosquito control generally will not harm bees, butterflies, or earthworms. Unlike harsh chemicals, they will not impact the health of plants or wildlife such as birds and fish. Choosing an eco-friendly biting insect repellent is the responsible thing to do for the environment.

The Logical Choice for Tick and Mosquito Control

More and more people are realizing the importance of keeping themselves and the environment free of contact with unnecessary and harmful chemicals. Safe and effective nontoxic alternatives for tick and mosquito control offer effective solutions against harmful biting insects while affording peace of mind for the entire family.

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