6 Home Improvement Tips to Enhance Your Vacation Rental Home

How To Bring A Vacation Vibe Home - House & Home

While on vacation, you would need transportation and accommodation. These two primary factors determine if your vacation would be exciting or not. And since you would be vacationing in places unfamiliar to you, you could only rent them.

Still, your rented home could be made your home without provoking the homeowner. You could have some home improvements applied, according to what travelers are saying on Collected.Reviews.

But what you do with the home and how you do it depends on which best vacation rentals you would be going for and the sort of home improvements.

1. Painting:

Most rented homes come with dull paints and might need to be repainted. But repainting can be an arduous activity as other decor activities. If you would be painting, ensure you are doing it to reflect the duration of your stay and bring out the temporary beauty of the home without breaking any home rules. While most times, homeowners would want the initial paints back, you could have your way with some temporary paints that can easily be cleaned off. You could paint a single wall and have that as an accent wall to reflect your stay.

2. Removable Wallpapers:

The simple and flexible use of removable wallpapers is one reason you should be applying them. As the name suggests, they can be removed and applied at will. Also, they allow you to modify changes without breaking any home rules. Wallpapers are aesthetic and could cover your wall in the interim, keeping your sense of beauty and gorgeousness well applied.

3. Bring Plants Into Your Room:

How about bringing the outside inside? No homeowner would complain about this home improvement. Indeed, no one all about sustainability would. You can potted plants decorating your window sides or placed them in one corner in your living room. When done with your vacation, you can have them sold at a value, removed, or gifted to the homeowner.

4. Hang An Artwork:

Don’t frame, just hang. Make it a rule of temporariness. You can have your choice artworks hung rather than framed and let them identify with your appeal and sense of aesthetic. You would find a choice one at any store online.

5. Fabrics Can Come In Useful:

Fabrics can be used as some makeshift designs for walls, ceiling, and pieces of furniture looking unappealing. Use them to cover the tasteless places, stapled to the edges. But be reminded to use fancy clothes that not only appeal to you but as well identify with the room. When done, you can easily pull off your fabrics.

6. Keep The Fridge Disguised:

Removable wallpapers are not only for your walls, they can be used to disguise your fridge as well. Most rented homes come with fridges whose colors are already losing their momentum. In such a situation, you only need to have the fridge covered with wallpaper and you are good to go — sit and relax and enjoy.


There are several ways to improve your rented home without the landlord’s complaints. In fact, you can do it to the landlord’s appreciation. We have mentioned a few.

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