4 Ways to Customize Concrete to Complement Your Home

Many homes feature concrete in some way whether the driveway and sidewalks or an extended patio. However, you don’t have to settle for that boring shade of light grey. In fact, you can customize concrete to complement your home.

Tips for Planning Walkways and Pathways


A great place to add some custom concrete designs Wildwood FL are garden paths. While you may opt for the generic concrete shade for paths, you can create a customized look based on the shape of the blocks. You can create a diamond path, offset square blocks, odd-shaped blocks in a pattern or any combination. You can create a solid path to roll a stroller or wheelchair. The options are nearly endless for creating a backyard oasis.


Whether your patio is an addition or already part of the home, you can create a perfect place to relax with a custom design. You can stain it one color or add a pattern right on the surface. Create the illusion of bricks or stones right on the concrete. For additions, you can add a place for an outdoor kitchen or fire pit using creative concrete designs.


The driveway does not have to be a boring place you pretend not to notice. You can create an eye-catching design that leads people to your home. Create a cobblestone look or add pebbles to the top layer for an interesting look. If you pour a new driveway, you can truly customize it by adding grass or moss sections between the blocks. Create a border using one design with a simple look in between.


Consider your sidewalks as an extension of the driveway. You can have them match the design on the driveway or make them stand out. Your guests can delight with a custom design as they make their way to your front door or around to the backyard. Who says concrete has to be boring?

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