With 320 million people in US, over 50 million has moved at some point of their life. Many of them were long distance movers, around eight million. The average American moves 12 times in their life. Approximately 1 out of 3 renters move each year. The half of all moving happens in summer. Visit https://www.simplyss.com/blog/moving-statistics/ for more details about statistics on this topic.

There are a lot of moving companies out there, good and bad ones, so we need to carefully check the one we want to choose for our moving. Humans make mistakes, so we are going to cover some of them that are easily fixable, but easier to be made.

Work force

Some workers think they can do the job by themselves, but that way of thinking can lead to damaging items inside your house, and eventually cost you money. Not having enough people can also be a problem when the company is trying to save money on the work force. There are always heavy items to carry and having 3 guys on it instead of 2 can be more secure then you know it. Don’t think someone can carry everything alone, even if they are strong, it makes the job easier to have extra people and more secure.

The mistake that movers make is that they send unqualified and untrained, inexperienced crews to do your job. Not just 1 or 2 people, we talk about whole crew. Some of these companies just like cheap workforce and hire very unprofessional guys. If you find out that the crew is inexperienced, stop them right away.


Whether it’s moving stuff through a window or putting on a board or even just securing it in the truck, many employees don’t do it correctly. If you see that the straps are loose, say something, it can be an important thing. Most movers will have no problem in fixing these little issues that can prevent damages. It happens especially with new or inexperienced movers. There are many ways to secure your stuff, maybe with covering, or taking apart things that can be taken apart so it would be easier to transport. Click here if you want to learn how to prepare and secure your furniture for transport. Even if someone can carry the whole furniture, it is always smarter to take apart, so damages can be prevented.

There is a different kind of security you need to look for, and that is safety insurance of people that are on the job. Companies provide a minimum of coverage by law, so if someone gets hurt on your move whether is a family or a friend, will you be covered. For best advices you can get for choosing a short term life insurance, or car, or other vehicles, click here.


It happens that movers live equipment that your place, this can cost you money. When they are moving you from one place to another, it can happen that they leave some equipment at your place, and when they need it to assemble stuff later, they won’t have them. If you want to check some advices of the best moving company visit My Long Distance Movers website. Leaving equipment and materials behind, will cost you time and eventually will cost you money. Make sure, before the movers leave, to check every room and collect up all the material left behind. This wouldn’t always be an employee mistake. People can be demanding, so employees are forgetting where the tools were put at because of constant moving and changing plan of work.



Answering your phone is a very important thing in business, it shows your respect to the customer or to who you are giving the job to if you answer the phone immediately. If you call someone and constantly getting an answering machine, they are not calling back within an hour, or you send a message and they don’t reply. That is a huge red flag that this is not a professional company. You will not get the best service because that indicated that you are not that important to them. In a business world it is very important to reply quickly, when someone is constantly unavailable it means they are not interesting in your work, or they are not as professional as they should be.

The mistakes we have to watch out for are the small ones. Many small mistakes can lead to a bigger and collapse of a given job. If you don’t want to make these mistakes, you have to be responsible, make a checklist, and know who you are working with. To make your life easier when moving, you have to look out for these common mistakes. Make sure to check on employees, it won’t be a surprise if they make the same mistakes.

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