Why Masonry Repair Should Be Done Before Cold Weather Returns

It might seem odd to contact a DC chimney sweep to discuss masonry repair, but many are well-qualified to work on more than chimneys. Warm weather is the best time to get all of your masonry repair projects done.

Inclement Winter Weather and Masonry Damage

Bricks and mortar that are already damaged will get progressively worse when exposed to freezing temperatures and moisture. Bricks get more brittle over time and will begin to crack and break if already loose. Moisture will seep into areas of loose mortar and force the product to fall out, completely exposing anything behind. It can prove costly if this is a part of your fireplace chimney or home wall construction.

Keep Moisture Out of Your Home

Damaged masonry is one area of the home that weakens your defenses against water intrusion. Keeping these areas in good repair is the best defense again wood rot or the future need for expensive mold remediation.

Repair Masonry Surfaces for Safety and Stability

Driveways, sidewalks, patios, and border walls that are constructed using masonry can become hazardous when areas are loose, missing, or walls begin leaning. Keeping all of your masonries in good repair will help eliminate the possibilities of injury and other property damage.

Get An Older Fireplace Working Again

A fireplace that ages and begins to fall into disrepair become unusable at some point. Allowing it to get in bad condition cuts you off from a valuable source of inexpensive home heating. Hiring an DC chimney sweep and masonry expert is a great way to salvage your chimney and make it a useful, functional part of your property once again.

Brick structures and landscaping features are a beautiful addition to many traditional style properties. Making sure all of your brick and mortar details are sound, usable, and safe is worth the small investment in quality repairs.

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