After a long winter, there’s nothing better than spending time outside. All too often, however, homeowners default to the conventional choice and pick a generic open lawn instead of considering what to do to make their outdoor spaces as appealing as their indoor ones. 

Seating and Living

If you’re going to spend any amount of time outside, you’re going to want to sit. Spend as much time considering your outdoor furnishings as you do your indoor ones. There are many creative ideas for how to make your outdoor space truly livable. Many indoor activities such as cooking, eating and entertaining, can easily be moved outside if you have the right furnishings.


An oft-overlooked aspect of landscape design is lighting. Especially in the early parts of spring and the late parts of fall you want to be able to spend time outside even if the sun is down. Find landscape lighting orlando or in your local area, and make sure your space is well-lit and comfortable no matter what time of day.


Don’t just default to a flat lawn that you’ll have to constantly weed and mow. Be creative and thoughtful with your planting choices; there are environmental concerns to your landscaping as well as aesthetic ones. Consider what kind of plants you want in your garden, whether you want them to be purely aesthetic, partly functional, completely non-invasive, or low maintenance.

Outdoor Spaces are Living Spaces

Outdoor spaces are an important part of your home’s curb appeal, but remember that your lawn is part of your home. It shouldn’t just be a showpiece, it should be a space that you live in. Ideally it should be a space that you love to live in, otherwise, why bother having it? Ultimately, good landscaping choices can improve not only your home’s value but also the value you get from living there. 

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