3 Tips for Keeping Your HVAC Working Properly

HVAC units, also known as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, help to keep your home comfortable from the outside elements. To prevent damage to the system, you can follow a few simple steps to keep it in working order.

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Keep It Clean

Many parts of an HVAC unit need to be kept clean. For instance, vents need to be free from debris and ducts need to be unblocked for air to circulate the house. Filters need to be changed periodically. The outside unit must be free from obstacles such as overgrown bushes or grass that could impede the flow of air. All of the moving parts in the system need to be periodically lubricated to prevent the part from seizing and damaging the machine.

Tune It Up

Routine maintenance in and around the system is a good option but does not take the place of yearly inspection. In certain climates, the HVAC system may run for most of the year. The air conditioner is needed in the late spring, summer, and early fall. The heater usually needs from late fall until early spring. For these reasons, calling an hvac technician harris county tx to inspect the system before each heavy season can make the difference between a comfortable heating and cooling system and an uncomfortable one with a large maintenance bill.

Make It Air Tight

Heat and cold are often lost through drafts and poor insulation. To keep your house feeling comfortable year-round, you should inspect the household insulation in the attic and basement. Add insulation if necessary. You can also check for air leaks around windows and doors to prevent the cool or warm air from escaping into the outside.

Many HVAC systems are designed to last for an average of 15 to 20 years. Keeping your system in good working order can pay you back by having fewer expensive repairs over the lifetime of the unit.

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