A Guide to Replacing Outdated Bathroom Fixtures

A bathroom serves a vital function in every home, it’s also one of the most frequently used. Because of this, the bathroom can look outdated more quickly than other areas of the house. Not to mention, some fixtures might fail to function. It’s not uncommon to find your faucets leaking and toilets not flushing properly. You should also realise that innovations have ushered in a new line of bathroom fixtures, most of which prove more energy-efficient and durable than the old ones in your bathroom.

Take note that this doesn’t call for an entire bathroom remodel. You can spruce up your bathroom by making simple upgrades to your fixtures. You might find yourself utterly surprised with how much you can improve your bathroom’s functionality and efficiency. Another huge plus is that you can boost the overall value of your home as well. Of course, this assumes that you make the right upgrades. Visiting a bathroom showroom in Surrey will provide inspirations and keep you in-the-know of all the latest bathroom trends.  This guide outlines the most common outdated bathroom fixtures you might want to consider changing.

Bathroom Fan

Do your hear the bathroom fan making strange noises? This is a telltale sign that it needs to be replaced immediately. Some people ignore this problem, thinking that it’s such a small concern that they can live with. But refusing to address it means a higher risk of making the problem worse over time. You should also realise that an old fan might be using more energy, causing you to pay higher energy bills.

Bathroom Sink

If you haven’t bothered making any changes to your bathroom, then you’re probably still using the same sink you’ve always had for so many years. Take a quick look at your sink and observe whether it still looks shiny and new. There’s a good chance you do not notice the different shades of green, yellow and pink on the sink because you don’t bother looking at it every day. There might also be cracks, which can lead to leaks eventually. A sink replacement can improve instantly the functionality of your bathroom. It’s also one of the quickest ways to enhance your bathroom’s look.

Bathroom Faucet

Is your sink still in good shape? If so, you might want to upgrade your faucet at the very least. Older faucets are not equipped with water-saving features. By getting a new one, you can save more money in your pocket in the long run without compromising the same level of pressure you’ve always enjoyed. Make sure that you choose a new faucet which guarantees it meets EPA standards.


Nothing is more frustrating than using the toilet and finding out that it doesn’t flush properly. Clogs are among the most common issues experienced in the bathroom. Of course, temporary measures can be taken to fix this problem, but you can bet that it will surface again at one point or another. It’s also interesting to learn that one flush of the toilet uses up to seven gallons of water. Consider switching to toilets which only use 1.28 gallons per flush. That’s a huge difference, allowing you to do your part in conserving water.

Bathroom Light Fixture

Got tired of those large light fixtures? Well, you should. They are no longer in style, so it’s recommended to install new ones. Aside from lighting the bathroom adequately, these lighting fixtures can also play an important role in making your bathroom look more chic. Be sure to consider all fixtures including the overhead track lights and mirror lighting. A dimmer switch is also a fantastic addition to your bathroom. It gives you the ability to control how much light you want in your bathroom, so you don’t have to worry about glaring lights first thing in the morning.


Just like the sink and faucet, the showerhead doesn’t get a lot of attention even if they are used every day. Over time, a showerhead gets stained and rusty. You might also notice other build-ups that look nasty. You can clean the showerhead to restore it to its brand new state, but that’s not always possible. In some cases, old shower heads need to be replaced. Thankfully, it’s cheap and easy to install a new one in your bathroom.


Making simple upgrades to your old bathroom fixtures can mean a lot, both in improving the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom. The upgrades mentioned above will not put a dent in your pocket. They are also easy-to-do, even if you have limited DIY experience. You’ll thank yourself for replacing the outdated fixtures in your bathroom as they help in energy efficiency and increase the value of your home.

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