Five Signs that You Have Bedbugs

A bedbug infestation can be gross and irritating. In addition, they can easily be spread to other households. It can be pretty easy to spot the signs of an infestation and if you think you have a problem with bedbug huntington wv, then keep reading to see some of the signs that indicate an infestation.


The most common sign you have bed bugs is if you start noticing¬†bites¬†on your body. There are a few things that let you know that you have bedbug bites. For starters, the bites will be red. They can be raised or flat. They’ll also be very itchy. Bedbugs can bite any area of skin that’s exposed, but the most common spots are the chest, back, neck, hands, feet and face. Most of the time, these bites will happen during the night but they can happen during the day. Lastly, these bites …