Winterize Your Home With These Tips

Winter is almost here, and you will soon begin experiencing the dropping temperatures and piles of snow. Before that happens, you still have time to prepare your home for the expected frigid conditions and keep your heating costs from skyrocketing. Here are four easy ways to winterize your home.

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1. Fireplace

Close your flue when you are not using your fireplace, and make sure it is secure enough that there is no cold air flowing into your home down the chimney. If you have a glass surround, metal door, or another way to seal off the fireplace area, close that as well to keep cold air from entering the room.

2. Caulking

Caulking can crack and break over time, so it is always a good idea to check the caulking around windows. Even a tiny crack in the caulk can let cold air blast into your home and raise …